Anyone know any easy way to see your credit card account balances?

It would be great if the home page allowed you to add a 'section' so you could just move 'credit card' accounts to a different section that shows you the total in real-time, but there must be an easy way to see all your credit card balances, isn't there?


  • volvogirl
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    I don't know Mac but maybe you can show the balances in the account bar on the side?  Either the current or ending or online balance.
  • Craig in LA
    Craig in LA Member
    Ya, that show under "Banking" with my cash accounts, I'd just like to have them separated from that section so I can see credit card balances in real-time, or through a Report if I must.
  • RickO
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    It sounds like you may not have your credit card accounts properly typed as Credit Card. If they were, you should see a "Credit Card" sub-group under Banking on the sidebar. You may need to click the three dot icon (...) and then Expand All Sidebar Groups. Also under that three dot icon, you can choose to display Today's Balance, Projected Balance, or Online Balance for all accounts. 

    If you need to change the type of an account, right-click on it in the sidebar and choose Edit "account-name" Settings. When the settings window opens, click Credit Card in the Type popup menu.

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