how do you delete a data set so you can start another NEW set ??

I know you are allowed five data sets. I have five now. I need to delete ONE so I can start a NEW Data Set. How do you delete a data set you no longer need??


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    There is no limit on the number of Quicken data files. You can always do File > New Quicken File... to create a new one.
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    Where did you think it was 5 limit?  Are you thinking of Turbo Tax Online? You can have 5 different online accounts for your email address.

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    ekmartin52 said: I know you are allowed five data sets. I have five now.
    yeah - what are you talking about ?
    This is Quicken -
    all the data is in your QDF data file,
    and you can have as many different ones as you need -
    similar to MS Word and all the DOC files.
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