Lost attachments after moving transaction?

I created a transaction with my Quicken mobile app and added an attachment. Once I synced Quicken Subscription on my Windows computer the attachment appeared. However, after I moved the transaction to another account (with the Windows desktop software), the attachment was missing. Is it possible to move keep attachments after moving a transaction?

I also noticed the attachment was on the Quicken Cloud after the sync. Can I move the attachment to my desktop? I found the following paragraph on the support site:

An icon at the bottom right of a thumbnail image tells you where an attachment is stored: in the Quicken Cloud or in your Quicken data file. In either case, it's easy to change where an attachment is stored.


  • tolsen2
    tolsen2 Member
    I have this exact same problem! Inevitably, attachments added on Quicken Mobile are lost if the transaction is moved to another account after syncing to desktop. I am guessing that this may have something to do with where the attachment is stored (Quicken Cloud or Quicken data file), as referenced in your quote from the support site. That support page goes on to say "In either case, it's easy to change where an attachment is stored." However I cannot find anywhere explaining how to change where it is stored.

    Would really appreciate it somebody has a solution to this issue.

    (Am running Quicken Version R34.24 Build on Windows 10.)