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I have had a number of Online Bills issues with Citi. Not sure they are fixed but fingers crossed.

One issue was the pdf had not updated for several months where that used to work. I believe that was a symptom of other issues, and now after deleting unlinking re-adding and a manual Refresh, I paid a bill that was due. But no more pdf.

I think a number of things are possible such as Citi no longer providing that to Quicken, or an issue with the Quicken Aggregator, etc.

So the questions is: Is anyone getting current pdfs from Citi credit cards?



  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @Bob.

    Thank you for reporting this issue to the community, although I apologize that issues are persisting.

    This issue has been reported to our teams for further investigation and we would like to add your information to the open ticket.

    Please go to the Help menu in Quicken and select "Report a Problem".  In the window that opens, enter "CTP-2417" in the subject line, select the box for each file listed and when ready click on Send to Quicken.

    This information will be used by our teams to assist in their investigation.  Once the report has been sent, please just reply here to let us know.

    Thank you,


  • Bob.
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    Done. Thanks Sarah.

    I do not know if Citi is grabbing bills or not now. Will not know for maybe 3 weeks. I had to delete and re-add, so may be working, may not be.

    I also mentioned in this if they happened to be looking that AT&T, The Hartford, AARP and Blue Cross / Blue Shield of California NEVER grab bills (Blue Shield for 6 or 8 months now) and I have another thread on this issue. Perhaps while they are looking they will see a cause for these, but again could be billers, could be aggregator.

    If I can help in any of my other open threads with Online Bills issues, please let me know.

  • Quicken Sarah
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    Thanks @Bob.!
  • Bob.
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    @Quicken Sarah Got an email from customer support saying the issue with Citi has been resolved. Did not say which issue or all issues so will  just see how it pans out mid August. Good to know they believe it is ok.
  • Bob.
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    Good news / bad news.
    Citi bill came in tonight, BUT for only the minimum due, not full amount. And no choice to default to full meaning it only scraped the minimum. Not good.
    Still no pdfs for Citi as well.

  • Terry
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    Same here.
  • Bob.
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    Citi came in after a Refresh Biller and with a full payment option. Good stuff but so would have preferred not having to Refresh Bill.

    Still no pdf. Does anyone with a Citi card get the pdf in Bills and Online?
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