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How can I keep Payee Names from being replaced with "Check"? (Q Mac)

Edward Rice
Edward Rice Member
I write checks with payees like "Smith Plumbing" and print them from Quicken. The payee is fine. The payee inside the Quicken program is fine UNTIL I issue an "Update All Online Accounts" or "Update Selected Account." At that point, the data coming back from my bank, Suntrust (now Truist), replaces the payee name I had used. The result is that I have many-many checks where the payee name is "Check" inside Quicken. And once that happens, I can't search for a particular check. I need to have the Payee Name preserved, no matter what the bank says it is calling the payee. Those updates take place days or weeks after the check is written and mailed to the recipient.


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    When the check clears the bank and you download a transaction from the bank, aren't you supposed to drag the downloaded "Check xxxx" transaction over the manually recorded check transaction with the real Payee Name, to effect a match (and to prevent Quicken from doing funny things with unmatched downloaded transactions)?
    A Q Mac expert can probably explain this a lot better than I can ...
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