Reactivating One-step for 403B and employer accounts

You'd think the explanation would pop right up, but strangely, no....

I have five TIAA accounts. Three are in a brokerage window (including my Roth and Trad IRAs), the other two are separate. Those two are a 403B and an employer account. Lately those two have been unable to download transactions, while the others have been fine. I tried resetting the connection, but when that didn't work (I got a baffling blank error message that wouldn't close), I deactivated them to try to set up One-step again. TIAA connected ... and reported seven accounts (?!). I was able to figure out most of them. But I have a few questions:

(1) Am I supposed to categorize the two employer plans as IRA/Keough? (The other options are Brokerage and 527.)

(2) Two of the seven accounts are my IRAs, but they aren't in the list of accounts I can link to. Is that just because they're already linked? If so, do I just tell Quicken not to link them now? Or is there something else I have to do?

(3) What do I do with the three remaining "mystery" accounts -- just not link them?