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I've been using QW since 1994 (yes that's 28 years). I've finally decided to get try and get this quirk fixed after dealing with it for many years. It should be a simple solution to make data entry the same consistent process across different registers. Apparently this was ignored since 2018 when another longtime user presented the same issue as copied below. Get the programmers of the investment module to duplicate the code from the banking module concerning data entry please.


CTRL+ENTER worked for decades to enter a manually entered transaction in an investment account. It hasn't worked for me in 2018 and now in 2019. My old fingers are so trained for that shortcut--please bring it back! (BTW, CTRL+ENTER does work in Banking accounts).


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    CTRL+ENTER has NEVER worked for me in the investment accounts, for decades.
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    I'm here to vote for its return, as well, as it has always worked for me and no longer does. Also, as @mljax stated, DOES work in bankig accounts, just not in investment accounts. I've used Quicken since the 1990's (?), I think (has it been around that long?) and never had this NOT work until recently.

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