Many issues after latest Quicken update - Quicken or Financial Institution?

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I last did one-step update 6/2/21. I just tried it again today. Part of today's startup was a Quicken update (last used Quicken 7/19). I am now at Version: R34.24, Build:

First, my investment account passwords were gone and I had to reenter.

Then, I did one-step update and it downloaded all my investment transactions since 4/1. Those from 4/1-6/2 are already in Quicken from the last one-step update on 6/2. So, I am having to manually delete those in the "Accept Transactions" window.

Then, when done accepting only the new transactions, Quicken tells me securities are missing from my accounts. And, some of the newly downloaded transactions had "Unidentified Security". This happened with some of the repeat downloads as well as the "new" downloads.

I had set up the sounds feature on Quicken and it had worked before, but is now disabled again.

So - are my problems with Quicken, my financial institution, or both?


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    I was able to talk to Quicken Support Agent. I reached him in less than 5 minutes on a Monday morning. He was patient and knowledgeable. I was impressed, overall. He had me do a "super validation and correction" which at least temporarily fixed my problem with repeat transactions after one-step update. That was the biggest issue I had. There was no explanation for the other issues I had, although it appears at least some have to do with the financial institution. Turns out, my Quicken file is about 25 years old and Agent indicated that is "a lot of data". He asked me to create a version for the last 5 years and use that as it would be more stable. Problem is that when I did that, account balances I had 5 years and 1 day ago were gone - so I would have to go in and update all my accounts to their balances 5 years ago. He also said that at some point, I am going to have to create a new Quicken file from scratch. When/if my financial life is simplified, I will consider doing that, but it's scary to think about doing that any time soon.
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