PayPal Credit Card does not display online balance

I have about a dozen different accounts connected to QW (R34.24).

My PayPal Credit Card (transaction download via EWC) has stopped showing an online balance in Quicken.

If I look at synclog.txt, the online balance is in there, and it matches what I see on the PayPal website.

I did an online chat with Quicken tech support, and the tech had me run a super validate, reset, and OSU. Still, no online balance displayed in Quicken, and yet the balance is still seen in the most recent entries in SyncLog.txt.

Tech then said that I should "report a problem" within Quicken and note the ticket number (8744568). When I wrote that this was not a satisfactory resolution, the tech closed the chat.

I submitted the problem as suggested - it said it was successful, but then somewhat ironically, Quicken crashed.

So, I'm also posting here.

This is obviously a bug in Quicken, since the information IS IN THE SYNCLOG, but Quicken is not displaying it.

Any idea how to actually get this resolved? Obviously, the Quicken chat agents aren't helpful. I'm wondering why I'm paying an annual subscription for such lousy service.


  • Ron9741
    Ron9741 Member ✭✭
    Same problem here...same non-solution.
  • Dave1234
    Dave1234 Member ✭✭✭
    I created a blank empty Quicken data file and connected to PayPal. The online balance is displayed.
  • Dave1234
    Dave1234 Member ✭✭✭
    Workaround that works (for anyone interested)

    1. Disconnect online transaction download
    2. Create a new empty credit card account
    3. Cut and paste all of the transactions from the old credit card account to the new credit card account
    4. Set up online transaction download

    Online balance is shown in Quicken with the new account.

    5. Delete the old (now empty and transactionless) account.