Reconnecting bank account messes up reconciled balance

Running Quicken Deluxe R34.24b27.1.34.24. When I try to do a one-step update, it states that account has been disconnected. When I reconnect it messes up the reconciled balance. I have restored from a backup and tried again, same problem. Any ideas?


  • ccie8122
    ccie8122 Member
    Hi all, so this is really weird. I went and compared the transaction history. It appears everything was identical except the account linking "de-reconciled" one transaction from 2018 as well as completly modified the very first transaction (i.e., the deposit upon opening the account) from a $2,000 deposit to a $2,997 and change debit/payment?!?!? This was very weird. But once I corrected the two transactions, the reconciled balance matches up to the penny. Very strange.
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