How to track time billed and client expenses paid but written off in Quicken H&B...

I'm not so concerned with time that is billed and paid - I created a category for Legal Fees Received with subcategories for each client - but the entries reflect payment after the fact. I am concerned with time billed but not paid, and written off. I can track client expenses generally because I pay that expense out of an account and then when the client pays me for that, they reconcile each other. But, sometimes I have expenses that are not going to be would you suggest I get those into a category to track just those expenses written off?


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    There is some guidance in Quicken Help about how to handle bad debt.   Here is a screen grab of that help topic.  See image 1.   

    You will have to create or identify a "bad debt" category.  I also noted that there is a Schedule C:bad debt... tax line you can associate with that category.  See image 2.

    Does this help?

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