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  • kevinp
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    For two accounts, transaction download works "successfully" without any errors, but no new transactions are downloaded. The accounts show "Last download on 7/22/2021" in the Downloaded Transactions tab at the bottom of the register.

    Other accounts download properly.

    This is a chronic problem with Quicken - accounts that silently stop downloading transactions.

    Customer service follows a script to deactivate and reactivate the account. This is a bandaid and results in extra unnecessary work to filter and delete redundant old transactions that get downloaded a second time.
  • kevinp
    kevinp Member ✭✭
    I have done the activate / deactivate at least 20 times over the last two years. It needs to stop.
  • pastchief8
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    edited August 2021
    I spent over an hour last week with customer support on the same problem only to occur again shortly after that. I just spoke with a supervisor who set up a call with next level tech support [Removed - Rant]. Hopefully we can straighten this problem out. Seems to be a very common issue [Removed - Speculation]
  • Luci
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    Any solution yet? I have various transactions that won't download from my bank. It will download most, but some don't. It doesn't make sense.
  • thecreator
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    Hi All,

    Make sure your Quicken ID is shown in Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts. If not, Click on Sign in as a different user.

    Also, make sure that you are not disguising your I.P. Address.

    If you are using a VPN Connection, make sure it is set up, correctly. I don't use one. I go through two Routers and I use a Hardware Firewall.

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  • mtyler1115
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    I have similar problems with Wells Fargo, Chase Amazon Prime, and others. Quicken says it downloaded a bunch of transactions but they don't show up and the last download date doesn't change. I spent a couple of hours with Support last week creating a copy of the data file and setting up new downloads. It didn't work and the same problems still occur. Quicken was the best tool and I've used it for decades, but it is no longer functional.
  • Lydia Clamser
    Lydia Clamser Member ✭✭
    Im glad it's not just me that downloaded transaction do not show. Although, I am disappointed there is no solution!!
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