Duplicate transaction downloads Citibank Mastercard

Duplicate transactions are downloading with Citibank Mastercard. The transactions amounts are the same, but the date is always one day off. For example, an Amazon purchase appeared yesterday 7/31 for $140.70 and then again today dated 8/1. Although on the Citibank web site the charge shows once with date 7/31/21.

I am using Direct Connect. The FITID numbers for the duplicate transactions are different.
7/31/21: 5160212140005
8/1/21: c66bb293-f42b-11eb-8823-4e1f80b4c139

The citibank website shows Pending transactions for 8/2 and 8/3, but they have downloaded to Quicken. They normally download when added to the "posted" status.


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    Has this been happening for a long time and with all your transactions?  Given the lack of response to your post indicates that this is a mystery to most.
    I am a QWin user but in this case this may not matter.  Assuming no issues in your Quicken data file or Cloud sync, my theory is that the issue is in the download data that your financial institution is generating.  There are some transactions that institutions make behind the scenes that perhaps should not be visible to the customer.  In this case it appears that the institution is adding those [behind the scenes] entries to their download module intentionally or not – and therefore you receive them when you update.
    As you noted it is very odd that the pending transactions downloaded.  Going with my theory, it appears that they are indeed adding the pending transactions to their download module.  I am surprised, however, that more users have not reported this given such a common institution.  [FWIW, my 401k custodian does a similar strange transaction with my contributions that I only see in the Q download and ONLY if my timing is right, but never visible in my online account]
    I suggest contacting Quicken support for them to review the data in the download file to determine where this starts.

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    Thank you for the additional info on this. There seems to be a similar issue with Citibank from a few months ago. I'll contact Quicken. I transitioned from Mint in the past two months so not able to say how long it has been happening. It might have been after I switched to Direct connect. I can say that with Mint I would see charges that were marked as "pending" almost immediately in Mint after charge was made. However, Quicken is far more superior in ease of use and features than Mint.
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    This issue appears to have been resolved
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