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Multiple Data Files

I have a banking customer that uses Quicken and has 1 account but he wants have 2 Data Files for that account. Is that possible? He says it is asking him to Authorize app in Online banking but it endlessly spins and will not authorize it.


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    You can have as many data files as you wish I believe.
    On the Authorize App: Some Financial Institutions have implemented a 3rd party access restriction by default and how they refer to it is convoluted and often hard to find.
    You must login to your bank from your browser and go to the Security section of your bank's online account, locate it and enable 3rd party access - essentially granting permission for a 3rd party program/app, like Quicken, to gain limited access to download your transactions.  Each Financial Institutions does this different and possibly must be done for every instance (of data file).

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