Stretch Y-axis in Net Worth Graph?

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I currently have a net worth bar graph displayed on my Quicken home page. On my display the graph is 21" wide and 2.5" tall. I would like to "stretch" the y-axis (vertical) so changes over time are more clearly displayed. I don't think this can be done, but I'm asking anyway.
Thx, Ken
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    Click the Gear icon in upper right corner, Select 'show the full network graph', Click the Show Graph icon/button on the Right - above the periodic balances headings. Then make the window smaller from left to right. After that, click the Hide Report button in the top right section. This works for me.

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  • Pat Sills
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    Yes, I did successfully alter the aspect ratio of the net worth bar graph in a new window. But I cannot make this alter aspect ratio display in the My Summary View. No big deal; I've lived with it this way for 10+ years and will continue to do so.
    Thanks for your recommendation.
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