What has happened to "Add Bill" ? (Q Mac)

Just upgraded to Version 6.3.0 (Build 603.40884.100) (MacOS 11.4). Suddenly adding a new bill is full time job. Doesn't matter who I choose from ebiller names. It takes at least 20 times for the connection to be made and Quicken updated with new ebiller. I still cant get most of mine. So far the only one I could get through is Chase. Its not specific, almost any other ebiller I choose I either get "Unexpected Error" which is useless, and others I see actually getting the "Logged on to eBiller...." (vs Logging on) and even then it times out. Its beyond frustrating now. Its one of the primary reasons I like(d) Quicken because I can have them all in one place and forward looking in the ledger. Right now this gargantuan effort is almost not worth it. Any ideas what could be causing this now?


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    Hi @grcnj88,

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    I would suggest contacting Quicken Support so we can take a look into the issue with your billers. There may be something going on in the back end with our bill pay provider.
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    Thanks for getting back JV. I am only adding (trying to) add bills for tracking purposes. Not currently using any bill pay provider yet. I've used Quicken for a long time now and its usually fairly easy to add a new eBiller, albeit the occasional odd one that just wont go through. This is different. eBillers I had before now after connecting AND logging in it just eventually times out. Or never logs in at all, just gives me that something went wrong error. Is there any logging I can look at to determine what might be causing this? Its easy to blame the upgrade to 6.3 but I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet. I have about 12 I use to track from Geico to a few CC, auto and just other utilities. Doesn't matter. Everyone one of them takes a long time to eventually fail. Even the Chase ones that went through, it took quite a number of retries for it to finally go through.
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