Improvement for investment reinvestment transaction entry

The popup for Reinvest Income is pretty good in allowing multiple transactions in one screen.  It's one shortcoming is that one must calculate the number of shares for each type of income.  We should be able to enter the TOTAL SHARES for the transaction and Quicken should calculate and allocate the division of shares between the income sources listed with dollars entered.  This is a fairly easy calculation and I have done it myself in other software from which I have to copy in the share amount for each source. 

I have many transactions for month end which include dollar amounts for:

Dividend Dollars                  xxx.xx
Short-Term CG Dollars        xxx.xx
Long-Term CG  Dollars       xxx.xx

with a  Totals Dollars, Total Shares, and Price per Share.  I can easily match the Total Dollars to the statement but have to calculate the share allocations to the statement shares myself. 

This calculation is very similar to the one done for single transaction entry which prompts to change shares or price to reconcile to the total.


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