Download from Stifel Brokerage not working

My Quicken for Mac (version 6.2.2) quit connecting to my Stifel Nicolaus account at the beginning of the month so that I can no longer download transactions. Support had me make a new account and that actually worked, but it did not give me my "history" (I have transactions back to 1983)....but, then that quit connecting as well. The error is that Quicken can't connect to Stifel, please try again later. Outside of Quicken, I can access the account just fine, so I know login is correct etc. Any ideas?


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    Hello @J Frisella, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having difficulties downloading transactions. I would recommend running an update since there is a newer version of Quicken for Mac (6.3.1).
    Once you are up to date I would also recommend attempting to disconnect and reconnect the account connection. In addition, it is normal if all of your transaction history does not populate. Quicken by default will download transactions from the last 87-90 days. 

    If you would like to obtain further transactional history you can download them from your website directly and import the QIF file into Quicken. Please contact your financial institution for further assistance with this. 

    To check for updates select Quicken (top left corner) >Check for updates. 

    To dis/reconnect an account, choose an account then select Settings (bottom right) >Downloads >Disconnect. 

    Please attempt the troubleshooting steps above and let us know if you encounter any issues or error codes/messages. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
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    Hi @J Frisella

    I was just wondering how you made out with the above suggestions.  If you are still having problems, I suggest that you review the information located at this LINK.

    Let us know how things are going and if you have any followups.


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