How to run a bank summary report for each account?

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I can only get the main checking account to run a report. But I have a second checking account that I want a bank summary report, also.


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    Hi @Janet8253,

    The "Bank Summary" report can be run for one account or for every account, and anything in between.

    After you click on "Reports" > "Banking" and then > "Bank Summary", you need to click on the little "Gear" icon in the upper right.  Next, click ion the "Accounts" tab.  That will show you a listing of all the bank accounts that are included in the report (the ones with check marks are included in the report that will be produced).  You can run this report for one, two, three... up to all bank accounts, simply by changing which accounts have check marks (they are included in the report) and which ones are not checked (those are excluded).

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