Investing Dashboard and Performance charts have inconsistent "start of year" dates?

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In Investing>Dashboard>Value over Time chart,  the calculation of "This Year" figures is based on the beginning of year value on 12/2020 (which is actually 12/31/2020, as I understand it).  Image 1.

Whereas, in Investing>Performance>Portfolio Value vs. Cost Basis chart, the time frame,  Year to date sets the beginning of year on 01/2021 (which is 01/31/2021, as I understand it).   This chart seems to be missing all of January results.  Image 2.  This start date in image 2 also extends to the Growth of 10K chart.

I was expecting both start dates to be the same (12/2020).  What is the nuance here between "Year to Date" and "This Year".  I assumed that "This Year" IS "Year to Date"  Who's in error?

Using QW HBR R34.24.



  • garysmith87
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    On the top chart (Value over Time), although the time period is listed as "This year", it's NOT calculated as this year.

    It's the 12 months that show in the bar graph and the amount calculated next to "This year" is actually the gain/loss over the past 12 the calculated start is actually 8/2020 compared to today.

    Another mislabelled misleading dialogue field. It should be "12 months", not "This year".

    The bottom chart (Portfolio Value) is correct.
  • garysmith87
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    Disregard my previous comment. The "This year" calculation is actually this year...not the previous 12 months.