FAQ: How do I find my posts and comments?

In the Community, any post you have ever created can be found under the "My Discussions" section.  

My Discussions is found in two places.
  1. In the Profile down-down menu.
  2. The My Discussions link under the Quick Links on the upper right side of any page.


If you've added a comment to a post that was started by another community member, your comment will not be found under My Discussions.

Instead, any comment you've added may be found under the "Comments" section in your community profile. 

Click the avatar image in the profile drop-down menu to open your profile and select "Comments" on the right.


  • UKR
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    On desktop/laptop browsers with a narrow window, where the above mentioned Quick Links column does not appear on the right side of the webpage, look for it at the bottom of the webpage instead.
    In that case, the blue "+ New Post" button to create a new discussion, question or Idea post will turn into a blue button with a "+" sign floating at the lower right hand corner of the webpage.
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