Barclay Bank Not Downloading Transactions/No Errors (Windows)



  • rharingsmith
    rharingsmith Member ✭✭
    I'm on Windows. Situation is effectively back to where it was before in that I have no means of downloading new transactions (either via WebConnect or QFX file), but my last downloaded transaction is now from 8/23 instead of 8/13.
  • BobMQkn
    BobMQkn Member
    My quick review of AA page shows Citibank offers a number of AA credit cards as well. Have not thoroughly researched yet but recommend a number of us start emailing Mr. Stevenson at Barclays letting him know if this Quicken issue is not resolved soon intend to cancel my Barclay card and switch over to the Citi AAdvantage offering.
  • bobz
    bobz Member ✭✭
    Download finally worked for me today, around noon Central time.
  • BK
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    edited August 2021
    Mine just downloaded correctly as well.  Clearly they are working on it and making progress.  It may take some time for Barclay to resolve it for all customers and I would not be surprised if it becomes an on/off situation until fully resolved.

    - QWin Deluxe user since 2010, US subscription on Win11
    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

  • Fred3
    Fred3 Member
    Worked for me also
  • jwlanejl
    jwlanejl Member
    Fingers crossed, it's fixed.
  • hswander
    hswander Member
    FINALLY ... this AM UPDATE ALL function returned RED FLAG. All transactions missing were downloaded and matched, even current CORRECT balance. ALL IS ONCE AGAIN RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.
  • johnnypkg
    johnnypkg Member ✭✭
    Finally's again working
  • JackNJ
    JackNJ Member
    I received this from Barclays service desk - worked for me - hope it helps some you as well :

    1. Go to the account’s register
    2. Select “Edit Account Details” from the “Account Actions”
    3. Select the “Online Services” tab
    4. De-activate One Step Update
    5. Clear the financial institution fields from the “General tab”
    6. Close Quicken
    7. Re-start Quicken
    8. Go back to the “Online Services” tab
    9. Activate One Step Update (Quicken will ask for the financial institution)
  • jcu1963
    jcu1963 Member
    Similar to others today and yesterday, it appears Barclays has resolved the issue. I have two Aviator accounts, and each downloaded/updated correctly this morning. FINALLY!!!! What is troubling, however, is the lack of correct information provided to customers from Barclay's customer service and tech support personnel.
  • Mille862
    Mille862 Member
    Agree. All transactions came over properly when I downloaded today. I just cross checked the statement that closed on 8/24 with every transaction in Quicken and all are aligned/accurate.

    Only mistake I made was having Quicken support try to help me solve the problem before I realized that it wasn't a problem with Quicken. I've had my account for many years and when they tried to help, it ended up screwing up my data even after saving a "temp" file, which matched the online balance at the time the work was done. Won't go through all of the steps that we took but bottom line, I'm not going to go through years worth of data to figure out where the errors are so I just made an adjustment to the previous statement's ending balance in Quicken to get it to match and this month's statement is now correct. In this case, I wish I hadn't contacted Quicken for support. I'd have been better off to wait it out. Lesson learned.
  • skress
    skress Member
    I deactivated online services and cleared out the account information several days ago. Ever since then I get "We couldn't get information about Barclaycard. This account will be setup as a manual account" when I attempt to setup online services, even now. Any ideas on how to get around this?
  • MaverickFL
    MaverickFL Member ✭✭
    As of this morning downloaded transactions appear to be working again. I received transactions going back to 8/15
  • hswander
    hswander Member
    It's back ..... Failed to download transactions posted 8/30-31 or flag them as matching. Screwed up opening balance. Oh well ... For one shining moment on 8/28.
  • MaverickFL
    MaverickFL Member ✭✭
    I had no trouble downloading transactions from 8/30 this morning. How can it fail to download and fail to flag them as matching ?
  • I think my opening balance or something is off as well. Last time I could reconcile correctly was on 8/13. Now my register shows a much larger balance than the credit card shows online.
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