Download Transactions from Apple Card into Quicken for Windows

I run Win 10 and have Quicken Premier 2021. I just applied for Apple card and have a new transaction I want to download. In reading threads you can down your Apple Statement s from your wallet and email so you can download into Quicken .
My issue is that my next statement will not be out until 9 30 and do have a transaction I want to download. Does any one run into this issue? If so how download a transaction before you receive the monthly statement ?

Thank you


  • Austin@
    Austin@ Mac Beta Beta
    edited August 2021
    You can only export Apple Card transactions for a full month at a time once Apple makes the full month’s statement available, so there’s no way to export just a transaction or two before the end of the statement period. Unfortunately you’ll need to manually enter any needed transactions until you can export the full monthly statement worth of transactions and have it match to any you manually enter till then. 

    I would recommend leaving feedback at and request that they make it possible to automatically download transactions as they happen through Direct Connect or Express Web Connect rather than just a monthly QXF QFX export that has to be manually generated and then imported into Quicken at the end of the statement period.

    (editted to fix typo, QXF to QFX.  QXF is for Win->Mac conversions, not bank downloads -splasher)
  • jjrichards
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    Austin thank you . I agree with you other credit card companies allow you to download daily transactions without having to wait for the month end statement . Flaw in Apple Card.