NVDA Split Issue: Not correctly displaying Split adjusted pricing

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I'm stumped. I have NVDA in 2 TD Ameritrade brokerage accounts. After the 7/20 split, I went in and manually cleaned up both accounts since the split was getting shown to start on 7/13 originally. Each needed to have a 4/1 manual split entry on 7/20. Price history entries manually corrected to show the accurate prices before 7/20. Brokerage account totals and $ align.

But now Security View screen is not recognizing the 4/1 split properly. Attached are screen shots with the Split adjust check box enabled and not. Also included one of the manual 4/1 split entries for the account.

Appears a bug in Split Adjust since everything else appears fine ($ & totals) for the brokerage accounts.


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    In the Security detail screen - click on MORE and then use the Edit Price History to view things....
    Sometimes the pricing leading up to a split is messed up - but afterwards it should be reporting correctly .
    What does that Pricing History look like.... from 7/20 - to current ?
    What version .... Help --> About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Thanks PS56k2 for the response. Using Quicken Subscription on Windows 10. R35.23 Build

    I agree on your approach to alter pricing pre-split (helped me in the past) but I tried earlier to no help. I updated pricing by hand to show the actual split adjusted pricing 7/13 through 7/20. See new attachment. Still showed the split adjusted screens above.

    So tried a little experimenting. Wondering if the issue is because I have the same stock in two accounts. Per instructions, you are to note the 4/1 split in both account, which I did. So I deleted the split in one of the accounts. Now the new split adjusted screen looks pretty accurate but has the unknown blip around the split (deleted different pricing before 7/20 without any changes). See last screen shot

    But now, the account I deleted the split from has 1/4 the number of actual shares. Second account is fine.

    This has to be some type of bug impacting splits when applied the security is in two separate accounts
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    The way it SHOULD be working (i. e., used to work this way) -- 
    When you enter a StkSplit transaction in one account, it should get repeated (duplicated) in any other account that holds that security at that time.  That is the way my AAPL holding operated in Aug, 2020 when it split 4:1 - three distinct StkSplit transactions in three different accounts.  With that and the proper pricing, the Security Detail shows a steady price line with Split Adjust checked and a 4x drop in price with Split Adjust not checked.  But I am still running R34.20. 

    I think you are seeing a bug in R35.23.     
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    Thanks for the earlier comment q_lurker. I am even more convinced it is a bug carried over in ongoing versions. Was hoping it might get resolved in other updates but it hasn't.

    Went in depth with support today and they couldn't find a resolution after 45 minutes of trying. Standard actions I had tried before - data validation, multiple screen shots showing the issue.

    Really frustrating after the rep couldn't figure what was wrong and just said the product is working as intended and how I entered into the journal.

    I tried logic that it couldn't be working as intended if my NVIDIA share totals are accurate in both accounts but my stock price graph continue to show a 4x jump in price for the 4:1 split despite checking the box to split adjust. Just kept saying the product working as intended. So I just stopped wasting my time with the rep

    QUICKEN SUPPORT TEAM - Need your help to guide remediation to fix this bug or data problem. I cant be the only person experiencing this (NVIDIA Split in two accounts)
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    From my real-world file, below are the prices in my records for NVidia around July 20, 2021.  These seem to match your info.  
    I do not have a StkSplt transaction in my records since I did not own NVidia around that time.  But Quicken does download a 'hidden' record in the price history records that recognizes that split.  Thus the chart NOT split adjusted shows the price drop in July from 800 to 200 ... 
    while the Split Adjusted version shows no jump at the time of the split.

    In a test file, I have tried to replicate your observations in my current R36.38 and have not been able to. 
    • I created the NVDA security, 
    • bought shares on 1/8/21 in two different accounts, 
    • entered a 4:1 stock split in one account on 7/20/21, 
    • it got replicated in the second account.
    • I 'updated' the quotes for NVDA
    • I filled in additional daily prices before and after 7/20.
    • The graph comes out looking correct. 

    Without the Split Adjust box checked, the chart shows the 4:1 price drop on 7/20 as it should per the price history data. 

    So I don't know what is going on with your data.  All I can suggest is:
    • Make sure your Quicken version is more up-to-date
    • Backup your file
    • Delete all NVidia pricing after 7/16/21
    • Delete the two StkSplit transactions in the two accounts.
    • Enter a new StkSplt transactions for NVDA for 7/20/21
    • Update historical pricing for NVDA.
    • Fill in the prices before and after 7/20/21 if you choose to.

    Good Luck 
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    Q-lurker = Thanks for your work to try and replicate (and including the associated screen shots). Glad to see that it doesn't cause an issues in your tracking ... so hope that maybe just some data quirk on my end.

    Also appreciate the suggestions to try and hopefully remediate on my end. I'll try (hopefully tonight) and let you know the outcome. Again thanks
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