Differences between Mac and Windows

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    Doesn't anyone at Quicken Inc talk to EACH other from the different platforms?

    There's no consistency between the Quicken Windows Calendar and the Quicken Mac Calendar.

    In Quicken Windows, deposits are one color, expenses another color. Transactions already entered in the register appear as gray. Overdue transactions not already entered are red.

    Why in the world does Quicken Mac NEED to have a completely different color scheme for IT'S calendar? Can't two people, one from each platform, just once get together and reach a consensus to "standardize" the Quicken calendar?

    In Quicken Mac, having ALL banking transactions green and all loan transactions red (which, BTW...doesn't work...nothing appears as red from loan accounts) is visually terrible.

    People want to see what's an expense and what's income in the calendar. Using red for expenses and green for income is visually easy to differentiate. I would venture to guess no one is looking on the calendar for loan account transactions. Those transactions are usually initiated from a cash flow account and are ultimately just a transfer from those. All most of us care about is our cash flow transactions and possibly investment transactions in the calendar.

    So...go back to the drawing board, make incomes appear as green, expenses as red and investments as blue.

    PS. Anyone try to create another calendar in Quicken Mac? Can't be done. The option is there, but it doesn't work. A new additional calendar won't be created.

    Why can't we create MULTIPLE calendars, each customized as we, the users, see fit? I get frustrated with programmers deciding what they think is best for all of us. Customization should rule the day. Not one size fits all.

    If you could create multiple calendars, with different combination of accounts selected, maybe Quicken Mac could avoid some of this issues altogether.

    But in lieu of that, at least give users some color differentiation for income and expenses and investments in the current calendar.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I'm just frustrated. Sorry.
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