Quicken pre-fills wrong info

I'm using Quicken for Windows subscription. For years now, dating back well before subscription was even a thing, when I enter a payee Quicken pre-fills information from a long time ago. For instance, if I enter an Amazon charge, it enters the data from a split transaction that I did a decade ago. I have to not only clear the data but I have to clear the split every. single. time. I don't understand why Quicken lacks the ability to update this information. For some transactions, the category is a category I would never use for the particular payee. I don't even know how it would have associated one with the other. How do I make this stop? Thanks in advance.


  • crwalejr
    crwalejr Member ✭✭✭✭
    There are a couple of things that I would recommend looking at. 

    First, go to Edit/Preferences/Data Entry and QuickFill. Here are settings that you can change for How Quicken handles Memorized Payees.  Change anything you feel accomplishes what you desire.

    Another option is to go to Tools/Memorized Payee List where you can individually edit any individual memorized payee.  Hope this helps.
  • UKR
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    Adding on to the above suggestion about reviewing your Tools / Memorized Payee List.
    Locate the Amazon entries. Delete all but one which closest meets your needs. Edit the remaining entry and set up the Split detail to have the required categories. Mark this entry as "Locked" so it can be used as a model entry for all future Amazon purchases.