Discover Card downloads extra $0 transactions

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Now that I've been paying for a "service", it's become a major problem in my opinion. [Removed- Disruptive] While its "simple" to delete the extra transaction in the register, it's equally simple to add a feature to ignore $0 transactions or some other software solution. What is wrong with the link?


  • BK
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    Discover Card has unfortunately been sending junk data sporadically for years, it's gotten better but still - oh well.
    As for a feature to delete $0 transactions, as long as it can be user-controlled per account, I can see the potential benefit, but I also think it may cause issues in case the institution is making a mistake in the $0 amount which will then go unnoticed by the user.
    I personally welcome 'valid' $0 transactions because they have a meaning to me: i.e. Monthly fee (waived), Annual Safe Deposit Box fee (waived), Membership fee (waived) etc.
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