Cannot connect Quicken account with bank after Quicken updates (Q Mac)

Cindy S 87
Cindy S 87 Member
Whenever Quicken does an update, I cannot connect my Quicken accounts with my bank. The bank and Quicken actually connect because Quicken brings up the accounts for me to add, ignore or link. With this last update, I have tried everything I’ve done before to connect and I continue to receive the message: "Quicken cannot connect to this account.” I deactivated the connection, closed Quicken, deleted cookies, restarted the Mac and still get that message. The last time I was able to connect was August 24th.

Any suggestions?


  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Cindy S 87, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having this issue. To better assist you I need more information. For instance, what is your financial institution? What connection method are you using? Are you getting any specific error messages or codes? 

    To check the connection method first select the account in question then Settings >Downloads. 

    Please provide further detail so we may move forward in diagnosing the issue at hand. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • Cindy S 87
    Cindy S 87 Member
    Glacier Family of Banks. Quicken Connect. Message is "Quicken cannot connect to this account.”
  • JamieJoe
    JamieJoe Member
    I am having the same issue after updating to Q for Mac 6.3.2
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    Hello @Cindy S 87, 

    Thank you for your response. There is currently an ongoing alert since our service provider server is currently down. I would recommend making a test file within the next business day to see where the issue is actually occurring. 

    To create a test file select File >New >Start from scratch. Make sure you save the test file on your local hard drive, then attempt adding the account(s). 

    Please attempt the steps above, let us know how it goes and if you come across any specific error codes/messages. 

    For more information and updates regarding the server outage, visit the link below.

    -Quicken Paloma 
  • Cindy S 87
    Cindy S 87 Member
    Thank you. I'll try what you suggest. If the problem continues, I'll let you know.
  • myownsense
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    I'm having the same issues with several of my accounts - USAA Federal Savings Bank, Justice Federal Credit Union, Barclay Card, Quicken (now Rocket) Mortgage, Chase Bank. All of this started with this latest update. Like Cindy S 87, I've not been able to get a clean update since. And the updates take forever (20 minutes or more when it used to take only seconds - less than a minute. I'm getting General Errors, Connection Errors, and Synch Errors that in many cases are dropping attachments from many of my transactions causing me to have to restore my data file.
  • Beroli
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    I am having the same experience as myownsense. 8 out of 14 of my accounts won't update this morning.
  • I've been having the same problem for several days. Quicken can't connect to my bank because of "Server issues" at Quicken.
  • Same here, but with Citi Cards (for a Mastercard account). To add insult to injury, I have been on the phone with Quicken tech support a LOOOONNNGGGG time and they did not cite what appears to be a problem on the QUicken side. Ugh.
  • My 4 bank accounts have been updating for several days but there is still a message on each accounts (along with an orange dot) that says "Quicken cannot connect to this account." Quicken's update yesterday didn't change anything. Very strange.
  • I was able to update my USAA and Chase bank transactions this morning after installing the latest 6.3.3 update from Quicken. It seemed to take a little longer than normal but at least someone out there is listening. Thank You Quicken! I'm not sure what the problem was but it seems to be working now. At least for me. I hope everyone else is getting the same results.
  • I use SunTrust Bank (soon to be Truist) and my account was fine during my last log in on 8-12-21. But today, after the new update, my accounts will not download. I even tried going to my bank account and downloading the Quicken file to Upload and it still will not work. I have Quicken Subscription for Mac. Any suggestions?
  • myownsense
    myownsense Member ✭✭
    Back from a long holiday weekend, I also installed the latest 6.3.3 update from Quicken as JamieJoe. Like Cindy S 87 and JamieJoe, my accounts finally updated - although not without errors. I received General Errors (Synch Errors) and Sever Errors, but the accounts did update. Not sure what is going on but there is definitely something in these version releases that is affecting the account update function. Function that has been seamless in the past is now a fingers crossed challenge every time I attempt it.
  • Quicken version 6.3.3 actually broke my connection with Chase accounts. Error I get is that quicken cannnot connect to this account. I can go into settings and reconnect or change connection type successfully however the error persists. It has been two weeks or more I believe since the 6.3.3 update. Of course, as in the past, resolution always takes a while with these folks.
  • myownsense
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    Yeah, my joy was short lived. The accounts updated exactly once - with errors, but updated. Now, it's back to the same old crap. My USAA accounts (Direct Connection) seem to update semi-consistently. But none of my other accounts (Justice Federal Credit Union, Barclays Bank, Chase, Rocket/Quicken Mortgage, Citibank) that use Quicken Connection are updating. I'm getting General Errors, Server Errors, Attachment Synch Errors, and a ton of messages. It's back to corrupting my data file by dropping literally thousands of attachments on both open as well as reconciled transactions going back years. I'm having to restore my data file from backups regularly to restore the dropped attachments. It's thoroughly broke.
  • Richard225
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    I recently updated to the latest version of Quicken for Mac I'm having the same problem with all my Bank of America accounts. Get the message "Quicken cannot to this account" yet it still downloads all my transactions. I've tried resetting the connection, disconnecting and then reconnecting, etc., and still get this error message. Has to be a bug on Quicken's side since the transactions are actually downloading.
  • I'm having the same issue and it started after installing the update. Please fix this.
  • Robin M
    Robin M Member
    > @bbskkoons12 said:
    > I use SunTrust Bank (soon to be Truist) and my account was fine during my last log in on 8-12-21. But today, after the new update, my accounts will not download. I even tried going to my bank account and downloading the Quicken file to Upload and it still will not work. I have Quicken Subscription for Mac. Any suggestions?

    I have the same issues. Help!
  • myownsense
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    [removed - duplicate]
  • Having the same problem connecting to First National Bank of Louisburg. I get an error code BID=33597. John Cleek. Quicken 6.3.3
  • I just updated my subscription to 6.4.1. I was able to connect to my Chase accounts but I've been trying get my Bank of America transactions to download and have either got a Quicken sync error message or a BID = 26757 error. Is there a solution or is this a quicken problem that hasn't been resolved?
  • Cindy S 87
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    [Removed-Speculation] I wonder if anyone from Quicken is monitoring this discussion.
  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Everyone

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize for the several issues being experienced. Since this thread is very generalized and users are having all sorts of issues it is encouraged to check the alerts currently posted on the community or create a post with details of your current issue. Another option would also be to contact Quicken Support.  Otherwise attempting to address all issues based on the generalized idea that it is solely due to the newest update would be tremendous speculation. 

    To contact Quicken Support please visit the link below. An agent will be able to troubleshoot, pull log files and escalate issues as needed. Your patience is appreciated, despite this nuisance.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

    -Quicken Paloma  
  • Rick5423
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    Experiencing the same problem with FirstBank of Colorado accounts. Getting error message from Quicken for Mac that the accounts can't be updated and an orange dot next to each account rather than the preferred blue dot. Still, the transactions seem to be downloading anyway. [removed - rant/disruptive]
  • Tim Doherty
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    Same problem with not being able to connect Quicken with my bank. "Server communication error. Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our server." Quicken connect with Coast Central CU. Last time I was able to connect was 10/19, but it didn't download all transactions either.Please get this figured out quickly ok.
  • I cannot download from my 3 banks (Union Bank, Elan Financial for Fidelity Visa, Citi Bank for CostCo Visa). I get orange dots (not green) and alerts that say "Quicken cannot connect to this account". Last success was on Oct 20. I have used Quicken Connect for years. My computer connects to the internet and connects to the subject bank accounts. I use Quicken 6.4.2 on a Mac with OS 10.13.6
  • sewtsang
    sewtsang Member
    where to find answers to solve these issues
  • amal822
    amal822 Member
    > @sewtsang said:
    > where to find answers to solve these issues

    I wanna know too! I just downloaded the latest update (Version 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100) macOS 11.6) now it won’t sync with my credit union accounts (5). It does sync with other accounts. The last time I synced was Oct 22. Externally I checked the CU, it is not down. I tried to reset the connection but it still won’t connect. I tried several times within the day. This seems to be a reoccuring problem with Quicken updates from what I see in this string. Is the problem with our banks that need some info from Quicken for the latest updates to scync or is it Quicken that in neglecting to make sure our banks can keep up with the latest updates? How long do I wait to get this fixed?
  • bdtphd
    bdtphd Member
    What in the world is happening with BANK OF AMERICA??????????????? I am repeatedly running into downloading problems. This cannot be a healthy business if there are chronic problems like this with a major bank.

    PLEASE fix this problem!
  • Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and adding to this discussion, though I apologize for the trouble. 

    @bdtphd, what exactly is the download problem that you are having? 

    @eds.public.mail & @Tim Doherty, are you still having issues connecting?

    @sewtsang, what error specifically are you running into?

    @amal822, from what I can see you have received a FI_TIMEOUT error for AHFCU. The message says to wait and try again. Given that today should make 48hours that you have waited, try again and then go to Help>Report a problem. This will send over logs that I can look at for you, this error may need an escalation and I can help you with that. 
    Also, for AMEX, you have entered invalid "Tim Doherty"

    Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

    Quicken Alyssa
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