Zombie invoices- paid and completed- randomly reappear at later date!

Been struggling with this for YEARS- I receive a payment for an invoice- add check image- etc. Done.
Later- weeks- months- unknown- I open my unpaid invoices screen and it is populated with all sorts of old invoices. ARGH!!!! So sick of it- and hoping new ownership of Quicken might actually be willing/able to help sort out what is going on.
Experiences/suggestions welcome.


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    Om_Audio said:
    ... I receive a payment for an invoice- add check image- etc. Done.
    How, exactly, do you record the payment transaction in Quicken?
    1. From the Customer Invoices register, using the New Customer Payment dialog and selecting the paid invoice from the dialog's unpaid invoices list?
    2. Or from a checking or credit card account, just using the customer name and making a transfer to the Customer Invoices account?
    If using the 2nd method, a payment may not be correctly recorded as invoice payment, but as a credit or refund. That may keep unpaid invoices floating around until you really mark them paid using method 1.

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    Neither. I go to the unpaid invoices list, open the invoice, pick account paid from, receive payment in full, add check scan, notes etc. Close. Invoice is gone from Unpaid Invoices list for weeks or months or years until it randomly reappears. thanks.
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    Sounds about right ... you could also just select a New Customer Payment transaction from the Actions gear icon in your Invoices account register.
    For quick, easy access to frequently used transaction types, add an icon to the Action Bar. These icons appear next to the Action gear icon in the register. To add, edit icons click the Actions gear icon, then select customize action bar.
    If you don't suffer from frequent crashes in Quicken (which could damage your Quicken data file) ...

    Are you Syncing to Mobile/Web?
    AND do you use the Mobile app on your smartphone or the Quicken on the Web feature?

    If you answer "no" to both, turn Sync off completely. You don't need it. The Sync process should only be used in conjunction with the Quicken app for Smartphones or the Quicken on the Web browser app. It cannot be used as a replacement for backing up and restoring your Quicken data file.

    If yes, try to Reset Sync so that the current cloud sync file is replaced with a fresh complete copy
    Do note that a full Sync process may take many minutes to complete.

    Log out of your mobile app, then do this on your desktop / laptop:

    How to reset Sync to Cloud

    • Go to Edit / Preferences / Mobile and Web
    • Click the "Reset your cloud data" link and follow the instructions until it is complete.

    Now log back into your mobile app

    How to turn off Sync to Cloud for the current data file

    • Go to Edit / Preferences / Mobile and Web
    • Change the Sync radio button and set it to OFF

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