Adding a Category to a Group

I want to add Utilities to the Rental Property Expenses Group through the Assign Category Groups interface, but Income is the only option in the custom category group. How can I add a new category to this group?


  • Scooterlam
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    To add a category to a default Quicken category group (ex. Rental....), you'll need to change the category's tax line to "Schedule E:...."  Image.

    1. Go to Tools>Category List
    2. Select Rental Property Expenses Group
    3. Tap New Category button
    4. Define Category in Details tab
    5. Define that Category's tax handling in Tax Reporting tab
    Note that regrouping an existing category with a different tax line may impact your prior entries and reports (as it now belongs to a Schedule E line).  Maybe use a new category unique to your rental property.

  • GHebert
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    I went to Rental Expense. I clicked on New Category. I entered "Mortgage (Rental)". It was created but is under Personal Expense. I tried it again with CBC Mortgage. It went to Personal. I tried "CBC" with no mention of "Mortgage". It went to Personal. Has anyone had any success with this? I am using Business & Rental Property.
  • Scooterlam
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    Are you assigning a tax line to that new category?  Step 5 in OP and image?

    Assignment of a "rental" tax line to that new category is what will move it from personal to rental category group. 
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