OSU Hanging after update to build

When completing OSU after this auto update this morning, Quicken downloads transactions for the direct connect account then hangs on the OSU process.
CPU usage consistent at 12-14% but no further progress on updating transactions for non-direct connect accounts.

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  • Quicken Sarah
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    edited September 2021
    Hello @maxwelwp

    Thank you for reporting this behavior to the community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    Our teams are investigating this issue, but have determined that it is not caused by the R35.31 release, but rather an internal issue that they are working to resolve as quickly as possible.

    If you would like to be automatically notified as further updates and/or a resolution for this issue becomes available, please visit and bookmark the alert here.

    Thank you,

  • UKR
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    This problem already existed in R35.26 and perhaps even before.
    OSU, while processing Express Web Connect - connected bank accounts appears to "hang", taking 2 - 3 minutes on my computer (Intel Core i3 dual processor running as 4 virtual CPUs) instead of the usual 1 minute. During that time, Task Manager indicates 25% CPU (1 logical processor at 100%) and occasional disk I/O to the internal hard drive can be observed. Eventually, the process completes normally.
    I don't know what's causing the process to take more time than normal. Did an extraordinary amount of transactions get downloaded from the server (e.g., new transactions plus a month of old ones being re-downloaded)? Or is some other condition causing an unusual amount of table lookup to locate transactions?
    In any case, I advise caution when considering whether to kill Quicken or not. Since there's disk I/O in progress, presumably to the Quicken data file, killing Quicken may do more harm than good. I'd rather wait a few extra minutes to see if OSU manages to find a way out of this condition by itself.
  • maxwelwp
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    Hi @Sarah
    Thanks for the update. Good to know.

    This is the first time the issue presented itself. Running an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM so not an issue there.
    Considering I gave it about 5 minutes to download (which usually takes a minute or so to complete to update 22 accounts) and the fact the only way to escape the process was to end the task, there was no other choice. Fully aware of the ramifications of doing this but thanks for the input..

    “Never stop dreaming,never stop believing,never give up,never stop trying, andnever stop learning.”
    Quicken user since 1993