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Can't add new Sears Card credit card. Why?

We recently received replacement Sears Card (Citi) credit cards. When I try to add a new Sears Card to the account and complete the userID/password I receive the message, "Oops. We're having a problem. CUSTOM-0". The Add Account screen then changes to show input boxes for Account Number and Routing Number as if I were adding a traditional banking account while still showing "Sears Card" in the header.

Although I believe it is the wrong method, I have tried adding as a Citi Cards and Citibank, also with no success.

I have checked for updates for Quicken and Windows and have restarted Quicken and the PC (Win 10 Home). No improvement. Can anyone tell me why it won't work?

Win 10 Home
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  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @twill,

    I believe that you may not be reaching the correct connection for this credit card.  When you add the card to Quicken (as a new connected account) you need to go to:

    Add Account > type "Sears Card" > select "add your Sears Card User ID" / enter "User Name and password" and click "Connect"

    This should bring up your account.  If not, let us know what error code you receive at this point.


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  • twill
    twill Member

    Thanks for your reply. It was buried in my inbox.

    I repeated the process using the Add Account button from the account list window. Same results and error message as above.


    I added a new offline account and proceeded to enter the institution and account number on the General tab and the credentials on the Online Services tab - and it works. Go figure.

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