R35.31 Upgrade works - but it took some work!

A while ago, I wanted to write a critical note to Quicken about the R35.31 update, as many others did here. But I got it working.

The problem was: (1) R35.31 deleted all my online bank passwords, (2) when I tried to reenter a particular password, the Quicken program just exited, i.e., crashed.

After restoring an older backup version QDF data file (keeping the same executable program), I found that my problem was several unaccepted transactions in a few accounts. I accepted them, reconciled, and I ran “Update All” without a problem.

Lesson to Quicken: This release was not stable. Please do more testing before a release. The new Home page may be cute, but bank data download is essential. If the download does not work, I would need to find a different money manager SW.

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