I want to track 12 accounts over a 15 year period. Can I do this with this software?

I want to track 12 accounts over a 15 year period. Can I do this with this software. I would like to input the statements that I have for the last 15 years and track, where the money went. Do you have a desktop version that will enable me to do track the last 15 years of accounts and keep an ongoing balance ,with a stand alone version of you software?


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    Hi @nsciro,

    So, from your posts, it sounds like you want to use Quicken to provide a record of transactions and account balances over time - specifically 15 years.  You did not indicate the type of account/ accounts you want to track.  And it also appears that you aren't all that familiar with the Quicken software.

    The short answer is yes.  Quicken can handle tracking for more than 15 accounts easily and there is no limit on the number of years (that I am aware of) that a user can track.  Many Quicken users track their accounts for their adult lifetimes.  And yes there are desktop applications for both Windows and Mac.

    I do want to warn you that because you are going to be entering data for the past 15 years, that you may not be able to download transactions for all 15 years for import into Quicken.  So you'll likely be entering transactions manually for may of those years.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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    Yes that is what Quicken does.   You can manually enter the old transactions.   It will probably take you a long time to enter them all. Maybe more than a couple long weekends.  I would start at the oldest and work your way forward.   Don't know if I would do them one account at a time or do all accounts each month before going to the next month.    Probably do each account since you probably have all the statements together by account.   Have fun, happy typing.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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