Schedule Updates Prompts for Additional Info

For anyone using Schedule Updates and receives a message prompt during the background update process similar to the one listed here...

this is an enhanced security requirement. The issue is that this prompt is designed to run when using One Step Update (OSU) and will NOT work with a scheduled update as the bagent cannot handle the the send/receive SMS response.

If you receive the prompt during a Schedule Update, you will need to reboot your PC to reset access to Quicken. I attempted to End Task the Quicken background agent, but that did not allow Quicken to launch. Once your PC is rebooted, launch Quicken and run a OSU. You will then receive the more info prompt, SMS in my case was sent and input without issue.


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    Used to be, a couple of years ago, that Scheduled Updates would fail with a specific error code, CC-585, when "additional prompts" were required by the bank. Only an Update Now from bank account register's Actions gear icon would make it possible to receive transactions.
    Why is that not happening now?
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