New MFA question not coming through in Quicken

My bank, Coastal Federal Credit Union, enacted new MFA standards for financial aggregators effective Sept 7th. I figured I would see a new challenge question or possibly enter a new code that was texted to me but I only get this error:

CP_SCRIPT_ERROR:ccscrape.101:General error. change in MFAquestion xpath

I created a new test file and added one of my coastal accounts to see if I needed to try from scratch -- no luck. Any advice?


  • dmass23
    dmass23 Member
    Sorry for the post - just saw this in a "known product Issues" thread:

    "Our teams are investigating reports of some Users receiving a CC-501/101 error when attempting to add/update accounts with Coastal Federal Credit Union.

    We have identified an internal error in the script that has been escalated to our service partners for further review and resolution, however at this time we do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved."
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