Where is the entry data stored so I can edit / correct it?

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Problem: After reconciling credit card account I instruct Quicken I will manually write a check (actually I will have bank EFT the payment). Quicken then writes a entry to both the CC and Checking accounts. However the memo field containing account number is incorrect and not the one appearing in the account details. I cannot find where this is stored so that I may edit it. Since the last update to Quicken the Payee name for one of my CC accounts is also incorrect. Old data from long ago is being used rather than current data stored in Account Details. And these transactions generated by the reconcile process do not exist in the Memorized Transactions list.


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    Look at your Memorized Payee List (Ctrl-T).  Delete any obsolete or unnecessary one.  Edit the entries as needed and if appropriate, Lock the transaction.  Depending on the transaction, you might want to lock it with or without an amount specified.  

    OOPS.  I just reread your last line.  Sorry for the misdirect. 
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    It's a mystery. I have a similar issue when Q generates an e-check after I reconcile a credit card. For 3 or 4 of my CCs, Q inserts the wrong payee name. It inserts the account name "Rocket's Citi Mastercard 1234" instead of the correct payee "Citi Cards". I have looked everywhere I can think of and never found where this was stored; it's apparently corruption and not user-visible. I just live with it and correct the errors every month.

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    Until somebody from Quicken sheds some light on this mystery and tells us what we have to do to fix it ...
    How about setting up and using Scheduled Reminders instead of the make payment dialog? That would give you entries to use over which you have full control.
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