Problem with Quicken when using "Direct Connect" to Interactive Brokers account


There is a problem with Quicken, when I link it to my Brokerage account at Interactive Brokers (IBKR). The issue relates to how Stocks traded on Foreign Exchanges e.g: TSX (Toronto) or ASX (Australia) are handled.

The problem arises when a Stock has the same Symbol on two different exchanges, for example: EMN.

On the NYSE, EMN is the symbol for a company called "Eastman Chemical Company." It's price is about USD 109.

And on the TSX, there EMN is the symbol for "Euro Manganese." It's price is about USD 0.4.

The stock I own in my IBKR account is the one traded on the Toronto Exchange: Euro Manganese, priced at about USD 0.4.

However, when Quicken uses "Direct Connect" to link to my Interactive Brokerage Account, it gets the name of EMN correctly as "Euro Manganese," and a symbol as EMN, but it lists the price as $109.

Clearly, it is getting the correct Symbol and Name, but it is getting the wrong price: $109. It should be showing the price as USD 0.4.

I contacted IBKRs Technical Team, but they said the issue was with Quicken, and that I should follow up with them.

Does anyone know how to solve this?



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    Hi @dromalpalli

    To fix that problem, you need to add the Exchange to the ticker symbol.  For example - for your Euro Manganese holding, use "TSE:EMN" for the ticker symbol and Quicken should find the correct stock.  Likewise insert "ASX:" prior to an Australian ticker symbol.

    That should fix the problem.


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