Not able to add passwords to p/w vault

Qkn P R35.31, Win 10
I copied my qkn file & validated. Validate found problems w/linked online billers & deleted same. However when I tried to do a 1 step update only investment transactions d/l'ed. Went to p/w vault & found it empty w/all options -- Add, Change & Delete grayed out. I tried resetting the vault w/o change in behavior. I deleted the vault & added a new vault -- same behavior.

I prefer to stay w/the copy but if I can't update it is useless.

ALL ideas appreciated.


  • BK
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    Quicken made a recent change to the way the file "Copy" function works.  It disconnects all of your connected accounts.

    And here is from the release notes:

    - QWin Deluxe user since 2010, US subscription on Win11
    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

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    Duh, I should have realized. Thanks so much!
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