Suntrust / BBT/ Truist

Since about a month ago I haven't been able to connect to suntrust with quicken. Because I use Mac, Ive always had to use the Suntrust web connect for Mac. This morning I tried again (like I do everyday) and was FINALLY able to connect. So Im putting this here for others that have a MAC and cant connect. Maybe it will work for you! Highlight your account, choose edit settings, then choose edit connection TYPE. It will open the Suntrust connections available Choose the first one: SUNTRUST then link your account.


  • geoffd
    geoffd Member ✭✭
    YES!!!!!!! I spent an hour with Quicken last week--polite, helpful, but unsuccessful. Was currently on a 25 minute wait for Suntrust and decided to check the boards (again) and found @zarelle's post. Thank you!
  • Zarelle. It appears to work for me. Up to this point I’ve been entering transactions manually. Will try to connect again when there are more transactions.
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