Workaround for CC-885 Errors

Do you stress over CC-885 and not being able to import the QFX your financial institution provides? You call the FI and they say it's on Quicken (who says it's on them)?

This will help - esp when you have a large import. Download the QFX and open in a text editor.

The problem section is this tag - <SIGNONMSGSRSV1></SIGNONMSGSRSV1>. Between those is what Quicken is using to lookup the FI on the server. No clue why they need to do that for what should be a "manual" import.

All you do is download a QFX from a FI that you know is working. I used another brokerage. Now take that section of text from the working account and replace it in the non-working QFX. Quicken will now attempt the import.

You need to make sure you link or create a new account. You don't want the import going in to the wrong account.

This creates an important side effect so be careful. It associates the imported account with the alter ego account you used to make the import work. What I do is right click on the imported account and go to settings. Disconnect the downloads there. You will have to do that every time.

For brokerage stuff you might have to edit the security and set the price history.

Do backups and good luck.
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