IRA rollover and Accounts

I rolled over some IRA accounts last year, thought I had 'hidden' the old accounts, but in trying to access the 'historical' data (for net-worth or portfolio value) the old accounts are not visible anywhere. Any suggestions?

I do have backup copies of the data. Should I try and recover the data and import it?

Version R35.31 b Win 10; I've been on Quicken since 1995 (not a new user)

I'll try 'community' before contacting Quicken.


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    Hi @MVW,

    If you could provide some additional information, that would be helpful.

    Typically when IRA accounts are rolled over, the investments in the account are sold and the transfer is a cash transfer.  The reason this "cash" method is used - rather than transferring the positions held in the old IRA account to a new IRA account at a different financial institution - is because there are no tax consequences of selling the positions, and transferring shares is a much more difficult and time consuming procedure.  I mention this because you indicated you needed - 'historical' data and I was wondering what data you are seeking, because there may be other ways to determine the cost basis (e.g. simply add up the contributions made over the years form tax returns) and the market value at the date of transfer would be the initial deposit(s) entered in the new IRA accounts.

    Anyway, get back to us and we'll see if there is something more that we can suggest.


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  • MVW
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    Thanks for the response. Not looking for cost basis, but as I said, 'networth' over time. The 'values' of those IRAs are lost, hence the networth values are absent. Even though I've closed checking and savings accounts and transferred funds, I can still see a snapshot of the account over time. I would have thought the same would be available for IRA type accounts. I have old/closed 401K & other IRA accounts with data still available. It appears to be just this one set (n=3) of accounts. Not sure why these don't seem to be there.
  • q_lurker
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    the old accounts are not visible 
    Where have you looked?  Ctrl-A should bring up your list of accounts.  At the bottom of that pane should be a "Show hidden accounts" checkbox.  If they don't show up with that box checked, it would seem they were deleted, but the process for deleting an account is pretty definitive.  Not something one would normally do accidentally. 

    If they are deleted, accessing the information through a backup would be possible.  Whether you actually need to get those historical transactions to your current file is a question only you can answer.  It can be an arduous task, depending on the actual circumstances.  Restore a backup and rebuild the subsequent transactions in all accounts, or export that account from the backup as a QIF file and import the QIF into your current file (not necessarily as easy as that sounds).       
  • MVW
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    No, they are not 'hidden' - guess I deleted them. I thought I hid them, but I guess I didn't. I was just verifying that there wasn't something else I was missing. Thanks.