My bank is being taken over by another bank - how do I handle the transition?

BBVA is being absorbed into PNC bank. In a couple of weeks, my accounts will have a new bank name, new routing and account numbers, etc. Any pending transactions, checks, or uncleared items will be processed but the account info will change on a specific day. What's the best way to handle this in Quicken? Should I just disconnect online banking from the old bank for each account, change the account info, and then re-connect to the new bank? What's the best way to handle this?


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    Hi @Jeff_C

    First thing is you should wait before making any changes until you hear from your bank as to when the change-over will be effective.  Once you know that, you also may have received instructions from the bank(s) as to what you need to do to switch your accounts from one to the other. 

    In Quicken, you will likely need to simply deactivate all your accounts at BBVA and then activate those accounts at PNC, but there could be changes to account numbers and account types that you'll need to make changes for.  Also, timing is important, so make sure you don't jump the gun.  But since you are dealing with two very large financial institutions, I expect that things should go as smoothly are possible.

    Feel free to check-in back here for more information or to ask specific questions about the transition and what you may need to do in Quicken to effect it.


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