Shares transferred between accounts problem

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Hi, need some help here. I am transferring shares between 2 accounts. I am using the shares transferred between account features. I have 6 security transfers. The first transfer goes well. However, upon the 2nd transfer everything in the transactions for the destination account changes to the security of the last transfer. Basically all the transactions changes to the last security transferred.
The Holdings page shows the holdings correctly but the transactions are all messed up.

I have scanned thru some discussions doing this transfer and no one seems to be experiencing this.
Perhaps I am missing a step. I am just going to the From account and doing shares transferred between accounts one security at a time.

Thank you for any insight.


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    I am with support and we went thru Validate and everything checked out. Again, the Holdings showed everything correctly. And upon expanding the Holdings page for each security that seemed to fix the problem. Not sure if the Validate also did anything since the validate came back Ok with no errors. But the transfers seems to be working now.
  • I have a related but different problem. Upon transferring the 2nd set of shares (a new security), they do not appear in Holdings. I can see the shares being transferred in when I look at the Transactions register, but they are only the first security appears in the Holdings. I tried expanding each security in the Holdings view, but that did not solve the problem
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    @Francissr --
    Did you validate the file?  This seemed to clear the issue for TF.
    Did you exit Quicken and restart the program?  This might also clear the problem, I speculate.