Quicken downloads every deposit to the same payee and category. How can I get this to stop?

Every time I download transaction Quicken names the payee and category for deposits incorrectly. I want to be able to categorize these myself and stop the automatic naming of Payee and Category.


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    Howdy, Ospreycoach:

    The first place you will want to go is (from the menubar) Quicken:Preferences. Then click on "Connected Services." There, you will be able to deselect the option to "Automatically improve the name and quality of downloaded payees and categories."

    (Note: for existing transactions, you can also right or control click on a transaction(s) and select the option to "Revert to Downloaded Payee Name")

    Also, If you go to (from the menubar) Window:Payees & Rules, you can see if you have any renaming rules setup for downloaded payees.

    The above is a good place to start. The quality of the Payee/Category also depends greatly on the data provided by your bank/credit union/etc. If they provide generic info for each transaction, then Quicken will definitely be confused in ways you have encountered. Turning off the artificial intelligence might help in your case.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks. I'll try and see how this works.
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    Another method to get what you want, correct Payee Names and Categories (or Splits), is to record these deposit transactions into your register BEFORE you download transactions from the bank. That will make Quicken attempt to match any downloaded deposits to the already existing correct register transactions without making any other changes. If Quicken cannot match, you may have to drag and drop the downloaded transaction over the existing register transaction.
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