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Copy Transactions - issues modifying the copy?

OK, so a few times a year, we get a bonus. It's a separate paycheck (so X times a year, I get essentially 2 paychecks on the same day). My "regular' paycheck is setup in Quicken using the Paycheck feature. Now, to keep the itemized amounts proper, when I manually enter the bonus check (again, to keep things proper and easier to segregate/find), it seems if I COPY the paycheck transaction and paste it, and then modify anything on the copy, it edits the original so that I end up with two duplicate transactions. Yes, I could manually enter the other one, but have to constantly refer back to the original to see what the itemized categories are to enter into the split. Is there any way to copy something and edit the copy so that it doesn't actually mess up the original? And vice versa? It seems that any other software, when you make a copy, you can edit the original/copy and they keep them segregated, but Quicken seems to create a symbolic/linked copy instead.


  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    To be honest, I would handle this one of two ways:

    1 Create a NEW Paycheck Wizard paycheck and label it as BONUS.  This would be a one time setup with setting up the splits.


    2 Print your current split window and just manually enter the bonus transaction and splits.  

    I think Method #2 would be easier, less stress and maybe take just a minute or two longer but without all the headaches.  Since this only occurs a couple times a year, why complicate your life?  
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Do you have one prior register transaction for the Bonus Paycheck that is correctly categorized?
    If so, memorize this transaction.
    Go into Tools / Memorized Payee List
    Locate and Edit the just memorized transaction: Change the Payee Name in the transaction to make it distinct from the regular paychecks, e.g., "XYZ Inc. - Bonus". Put a checkmark in "Lock this ..." to protect it from accidental changes. Save.
    Next time you want to record a Bonus Paycheck just start a new register transaction. Select the "XYZ Inc. - Bonus" item as the Payee Name, update the Split detail, save, and you should be all set.
    To me, Copy and Paste of transactions is something I've always avoided. Starting a new register transaction with the Payee Name of a previously used (and memorized) transaction works so much better.