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I get paid every two weeks and when I go to bills and income to input my check it is not there. I have set this income up several times and every two weeks I need to set it back up again. After setting it up again and enter it into the register and downloading transactions and accepting the transaction to be cleared it will disappear from the register. This is the only income that this happens to, the other income doesn't do this. I have checked each income transaction setup and both are the same. Not sure what is going on and it is very frustrating.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @mjm4200,

    When you go to the "Bills & Income" tab and then select the "Income & Transfers" tab and then click on the "Manage Manual Bills and Income" button on the upper right - what do you see?  If you page down to the date of your next paycheck - is the paycheck transaction there?  If not, you haven't setup the reminder yet.

    Let me know what you are seeing and we'll go from there.


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  • mjm4200
    mjm4200 Member ✭✭
    Hi Frankx,
    I do see the paycheck on the next scheduled date on 10/8/2021