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When I try to open the investing area, the whole program crashes. Has a lot of problems when GE did a reverse split


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    Several users had issues with the GE reverse split because of the way their financial institution downloaded the date.  See this discussion for a sample of the issues. -

    While others have commented about crashes associated with the investing tab, I am not aware of an identified cause or a relationship to the GE action. 
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    Hi @Harry1212,

    Is Quicken crashing every time (or even every other time) that you click on the Investing Tab?  If so, there's something very, very wrong with your Quicken application.  Which tier and version of Quicken are you running?  For how long have you been experiencing these crashes?  Have you contacted Quicken Support?

    Please provide some additional information so we can help you get back on track.


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