Calendar as budgeting tool with variable monthly amounts

The calendar is helpful (along with running balance); but how can you use the calendar as a longer range budgeting tool. How can I make some of my monthly bills (and deposits) be a variable amount (each month)? This would let me see my running balance more than a month ahead.


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    How do you propose for Quicken to figure out what the "variable amount" on your electricity bill or credit card bill is going to be for the next few months into the future?
    A possible approximation could be made if you set up those reminders to show an average amount of the last 3 - 6 payments, but even that is guesswork. And unplanned ad-hoc expenses or income cannot be included in this guesswork at all.
    The annual budget view or the Projected Balances view can only show future transactions where they have meaningful numbers.
    When setting up scheduled reminders look for the "Estimate amount for me" optional setting. Change it to one of the available options: Fixed amount, Previous payments (number of), Time of year (amount from same time last year), Current credit card balance.
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