Account type has changed from Savings to Loan

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I have a savings account. It's been in Quicken at least a year and I download transactions with no problem.

Suddenly today instead of that account appearing as a Savings account, it is labeled as a LOAN. When I 'edit' the account, I can't change the type back to savings. It shows as 'Loan' and it doesn't permit me to change the type.

I don't know why it would have changed, or how it happened but I need to change the account type back to savings.

Any suggestions?


  • Jon
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    If you can't change the account type back to Savings, the only thing I can suggest is creating a new savings account & drag all the transactions from the old register to the new one.
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  • tsf
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    I recall that when this occurred, I had the ‘connections’ box opened. Somehow, I dragged something. I can’t figure out what, but I have two separate problems.

    The account that has switched from savings to a loan isn’t a big deal, there are not many transactions, I can remove/replace the account.

    The bigger problem that stumps me is this: I have accesss to two checking accounts, I’ll call them account 123 and and account 456. I only use quicken for account 123. Somehow it has stopped downloading transactions for account 123. Instead, it gets transactions for account 456 and puts them in the register for account 123.

    When I look at the connection, I can see that it is showing account 456 instead of account 123.

    I’ve used quicken for years, this is a crazy problem and I’m at a loss. I’m trying to decide between a quicken restore from backup or doing back through Mac Time Machine.
  • tsf
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    Thanks, I created a new account and imported the transactions.
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